December 07, 2014

10 tasks the soul is relentlessly committed to

1. Wearing authenticity. Shamelessly. Relentlessly.

We simply can't do what we're intended to do here, if we're not going at it as ourselves, no matter how posh the mask. 

2. Making Nice with human nature. Compassionately. Relentlessly.

Oh, how tempting the chase of day in- day out perpetual bliss is-  how sadly disappointed we become with our human experience in the hunt. Let yourself get right with your humanity and all that comes with it. Halos are not dry clean only- they're built to withstand getting good and dirty...often.   

3.Letting the mind divorce its mediocrity. Rebelliously. Relentlessly.

Decline the incessant invites to partake in collaborative mediocrity. Nothing eventful or necessary has ever happened at that party.   

4. Observing Excellence. Curiously. Relentlessly.

Shall we recognize the difference between feeling inspired and being impressed? One is the spirit at work, the other is the inner-workings of the mind. One can propel you forward while the other may bury you in personal dissatisfaction. Take your cue from those whose excellence inspires rather than impresses.   

5. Practicing Pleasure. Passionately. Relentlessly.

     Soulful is NOT all things serious but all things sensual. Soulful dances with fluidity. Soulful radiates via earthly pleasures that awaken and nourish. Prioritize pleasure and make it a sacred daily practice. See life, smell life, feel life, taste life and hear life on your quest for a joyful life.  

6. Redefining Realistic. Purposefully. Relentlessly.

Walt Whitman once said that whatever satisfies the soul is truth. We want what we want. But do we know why we hold onto certain dreams so fiercely? It's time to be a little more realistic. Dreams are the footprints that guide us to our deep rooted needs and desires. Set the alarm, and don't you dare touch that snooze button! Wake up from your dreams and turn them into your life's legacy. 

7. Putting Fear on the Do Not Call List. Courageously. Relentlessly.
     Fear will never abuse it's power unless you give it the permission to stalk you. Don't let it's call stop you in your tracks. Just because it has your number, doesn't mean it has the right to interrupt you.    

8. Indulging in Self-Care. Inherently. Relentlessly.

    Having a self to care for is a sacred honor. Always. Enough said.   

9. Saying No in the name of love. Unabashedly. Relentlessly.

Make no mistake- the Soul is very clear on what sucks. The brain is what's sorely confused. Get your brain on board. If what's presented to you will not serve a greater good to all involved, including you, then an unapologetic No is the most loving answer you could give to the situation. 

10Letting the heart break open. Vulnerably. Relentlessly.

Be wildly visible- there is nothing so scary, so freeing & so refreshing than letting the world see you as you are. You can't escape that someone who's waiting to pick apart your vulnerability- if they're denying their own, they'll reject vulnerability from all sources. Life is a no holds barred opportunity. Don't spend it trying to shackle and bind the very aspects that innately exist in all of us. Show up for your life in all your vulnerable glory!   

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