January 22, 2015

a little history (or herstory): how it was, how it is, and how drenched we can still be in the old legacies than no longer serve us.

I was just witness to a long thread of nasty exchanges between a bunch of women in a facebook group...

It looked a lot like anger, jealousy, comparison & cattiness.

The claws were out. 

*le sigh* 

Archetypally Speaking
"Scared little girls"...the lot of them. 

It's no wonder women are still so competitive when it comes to other women. 

For years, and years, and years our very livelihood, the quality of life we were to live, the lives our children would have and the environment they would grow up in, all depended on getting the best man possible. 

We, as women, had to either be a wildly talented and skilled homemaker or if we weren't, we'd have better hoped to god that we were an absolute bombshell who was willing to turn up the heat at the tip of a hat.I remember when my mentor shared with me that women fell into two categories; they were considered either a drudge, or a doll

God forbid a woman went unwed- she became known a spinster and a shame. 

How we were to spend the rest of our lives depended on who and what we were able to attract and win over. 

If a man happened to be well-established, strong but gentle, family oriented, healthy and emotionally stable.... the fight was on between us women....and if he was incredibly handsome and charming to boot, it was war! He would have his pick from the conga line of women following and competing for his attention. Our very sustenance was at stake. 

That's not our story anymore though! We do not need to compete with other women for such an existence. 

Competing is actually counter productive in this day and age. Unfortunately old and outdated legacies have been wired into us; we have been hardwired to be jealous, to feel envious, to believe that we cannot give ourselves the life we deserve and desire, and to compare ourselves to other women.... and it is up to us to make the conscious effort to re-wire those legacies that have been passed down over the generations. It's an inside job, and collectively speaking, we still need a serious update. 

Collaboration is where it's at. The Next Era of the Women Movement is about reconnecting women with themselves and their personal capacities. 

Once we fully realize without a shred of doubt that....

1) You are the heroin that can save you. 
2) You are stable on our own two feet, even in stilettos 
3) Life is for the taking- you are your own permission slip!

...the need to compete and compare will organically fall to the wayside. 

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