March 04, 2015

get unbusy: "giving up on my to-do list and finding my life"

Well this article couldn't have found it's way to me at a better time. It's written by Arielle Ford; sister of the late Debbie Ford (author of "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" ) 

I bookmarked this article almost exactly one year ago with the intention of reading it when I found the time in my busy schedule. I finally read it...this morning. 

You can read the article here: HUFF POST-THE BLOG: "Giving up on my To-Do List and Finding My Life" ~Arielle Ford

I'm slightly amused by the irony of it all.

In a 4 month span, I went from being a woman who was "Chicken-Head-Cut- Off-Busy" with business & work; to my focus becoming hugely disrupted by back to back crazy life happenings; to becoming preoccupied & busy with the parts of my life that had taken a back seat to my work for a little too long... and the lack of attention to certain areas started showing up in very tangible forms called a bouquet of problems.

It became very apparent that something needed to change and although I felt I was on track, I had to find a different route- I needed to redirect.

In an honest moment, I'll tell you that I need to find harmony right now. I'm not crazy about the word "balance" since I believe that it's an unachievable standard for anyone in this day and age, but I do believe that harmony is entirely possible.

Maybe some have noticed that I haven't been online as much as I use to be. That's because I've been busy trying to simplify my life. Yunhun..."I've been busy trying to simplify my life." 

Have you ever heard anything more 'oxymoronic' than that? 

No. Probably not.

So as I sit here typing this, I'm sick as a dog because I have let my recent stress trash my immune system. I'm sharing the article I read this morning because I know damn well that I am not the only woman out there who wants to get off the merry go round.

Ford writes:  During this healing time, I decided to reinvent how I "do" life. One of my biggest 'aha' moments is that I am now experiencing a new kind of aliveness that is not fueled by adrenalin.

Well, I want that!

Now although many of us cannot just decide to NOT work for 6 weeks as she did, there are other things we can do to reinvent how we do life. Once I figure that out, and I plan on it...I'll let you know.

These are the little moments that reiterate to me why it is I believe in divine timing without falter.

Thank you, Arielle!

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