March 04, 2015

leaving the judges in the courtrooms & international women's day 2015

Every single one of us have wanted new friends and connections to like us, to approve of us. 

Every single one of us at times holds back our truth.
Every single one of us sometimes decorates the truth with what we think we should be saying- even if we know our bare truth.

Every single one of us hides something every once in a while for the fear of being judged for it.

Every single one of us has felt lost and insignificant.

Every single one of use has desired to be of service is some way shape or form but thought "How the hell am I going to do that if I can't even get my own shit together!"

Every single one of us have at one time written, spoken or posted with such convincing empowerment when we really weren't feeling it at all.

Every single one of us has worried about being judged because it was all we could do just to not judge ourselves.

Every single one of us has posted or shared some pink and fluffy quote about forgiveness when what we really wanted to do was punch someone in the face.

Every single one of us has been in denial at times.

Every single one of us has sometimes felt skeptical or a lack of trust in the authenticity of others.

Every single one of us has felt that we may be a fraud, or a bad person.

Every single one of us wants to be approved of.

What I want to see happen for us women, is not some collaborative community built upon flawless women who are always empowered every second of every day, but rather, a collaborative community built upon flawed women who are learning that our flaws pale in the shadows of our greatness. A community with a mutual compassion for what human conditioning really is all about; one where we do listening, sharing, fun. A community where we do empathy and love amazingly well. One whereby we collaborate instead of compete; where we don't criticize, lecture or look down upon those who are just discovering their empowerment, or haven't yet discovered it at all... but rather a community that lifts, supports and guides them. One that encourages vulnerability.

I wish to inspire the notion that we could be a community that is devoted to supporting and caring about each other in a world that hasn't caught up to the idea that every single one of us is massively worthy of love, support and respect as human beings no matter where we may be on our journey...or where we may have ventured off to at any given point.

A community that isn't always about trust and faith and getting it right, but rather, a community that can become the space that allows us to practice trust and faith until we get it right, without shame, at our own pace.

This is how I want to see the relationships between women transform. If we want to see true equality happen, it has to start with us. By constantly judging, and comparing and competing...we are perpetuating our own inequality amongst ourselves. The world will eventually come around and follow suit... but this is also an inside job!

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