June 17, 2015

excavate your unwavering truths —random ramblings along the way.

There are innate and unwavering truths rooted in each of us— 

truths we've long since tucked away for safe keeping. Or at least I think that's what we've done with it—and it's all because, once upon a time, we didn't yet know how to step up and live without feeling as though our truths were either being killed off, or killing us off—both mercilessly.

There was a time in your life where safety was far more seductive than any virginal truth could ever be. 'Twas better to be safe than it was to be you. 

Our truth coaxes us to take another look, only after it’s been marred in blood, and sweat, and tears, and dirt, and dust, and criticism—after it’s been kicked around and tortured; tried and tested; berated and underrated; mocked and misunderstood—after it has weathered the pains and become raw, yet, for some unknown reason has still unfathomably remained steadfast, unchanged and ever present no matter how deep it's been buried.

It is in the moments that we get fed-up enough, become ballsy and bear down to dig it all up; striping adversity off in layers, pulling out the lies that have grown intertwined with it, one by painful,one it's in those moments where we go on and clean it up that we get to see just how enduring our truth has really been this whole time— and what it shows us, is nothing more than a reflection— a reflection of how enduring we have been this whole time and that's what makes us, us... our truth. Perhaps it's time to dig  up and let breathe, the person we were born to be.  


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