June 29, 2015

the hard work —it's an inside job

The Hard Work is found on the path to forgiveness.

The Hard Work is in the resolve of anger.

The Hard Work is in maintaining a loving relationship with yourself even when society whispers lies of unworthiness. 

The Hard Work is being devoted to hearing the silent inner-workings of your heart and soul while everyone else is shouting out thoughts, opinions and criticisms around you.

The Hard Work is focusing on the truth that lives within you, while the world is insisting your primary focus be set on what is happening outside yourself.

The Hard Work is asking yourself the difficult questions—the ones that will give you the answers you need, knowing they may not necessarily be the answers you want.

The Hard Work is taking that faith-filled step aside so that you can finally get out of your own way.

The Hard Work is the decision to move on with it while fear is weighing on your shoulders.

The Hard Work is in recognizing the difference between letting go of what isn’t working and self-sabotaging avoidance.

The Hard Work is in the willingness to distinguish the difference between the distractions, and the actual hard work—the excuses and the reasons—the detachment and the non-attachment.

That's The Hard Work —the worthy, bare-knuckled, calloused palms, sweaty, messy hard work...and it will facilitate all else. It will serve you.  

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